Top Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S.

Top Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S.

The number of translation companies is multiplying every day, making it difficult to choose a translation partner who suits your needs.

The language services and technology sector is estimated to be worth a whopping US$54 billion. With the growing content economy, this sector is expected to steadily rise. As such, Language Service Providers will remain in great demand, and the best translation companies will strive to secure the biggest piece of the pie.

The research from GoodFirms breaks down the top translation service providers for hospitality & travel in the U.S. as per the trusted ratings provided by their customers. Let’s dig deeper at the top 9 translation companies and see what makes them stand out in such a fiercely competitive industry.

1. GTE Localize – one of the reliable translation companies in the U.S.

Top best translation companies for hospitality & travel agency in the US

GTE Localize is a rapidly expanding translation and localization agency that works in all major languages across the world. The company also provide Media Localization, Interpretation, Data Collection, and Annotation, among other language services.

Long before GTE Localize was officially created in 2017, its industry specialists solidly gained experience. By 2022, the company has three branches in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as a global network of over 1200 native translators.

GTE Localize has been a professional translation and localization partner for hundreds of B2B clients globally as a result of its ongoing hard work with an 80% customer retention. Its clients are multinational and leading corporations with operations in numerous countries.

This trusted translation agency is a member of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) and is ISO 9001:2015 accredited for Quality Management Systems. 

2. Multilingual Connections

Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S 1

Multilingual Connections is a translation and transcription agency that assists businesses in better understanding, engaging, and growing their multilingual audience. Its head office is based in Evanston, Illinois, which is North of Chicago. They offer translation services in over 75 different languages. Some of the other services available include Transcribed audio, subtitles, and voice videos.

Multilingual Connections also offers a responsive and collaborative team that can deliver high-quality translation services in a fast turnaround time.

3. TransPerfect

Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S 2

TransPerfect has 90+ offices worldwide and 25 years in the localization industry. They provide translation, website localization, multicultural marketing, recruitment and staffing, media solutions, interpretation, and many more. In particular, their translation services cover an array of different fields like advertising marketing, finance, gaming, media and entertainment, legal, life sciences, retail, and e-commerce. 

 TransPerfect has recruited linguists and project management professionals from all across Europe, Asia, and North America to provide their customers with flawless translation services. They claim to have completed over 300,000 language projects and to be translating over 7 million words each day.

 Years of massive experience and premium quality have made TransPerfect among the top translation companies in the USA.

4. Day Translations – among top translation companies

Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S 3

DayTranslations is among the most reliable translation companies in the USA. Their services are tailored to improve worldwide communication, which includes localized translations, and interpretation services in a variety of languages.

They work best with immigration translations, which are approved by USCIS. They also assist you in the required translation of academic documents, visas, birth certificates, and passports. Or you can get the assistance of an interpreter for your immigration interview. 

5. Mars Translation

Best Translation Companies for Hospitality & Travel Agency in The U.S 4

Mars Translation is one of the best translation companies in the USA, which offers game and software localization, advertising, and marketing translation in more than 120 languages. It provides excellent translation services with a combination of human translators and innovative technology. One of the translation technologies they use is translation memory which helps to reduce time in translating the previous content again and again. Therefore, they get impeccable translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates.

6. Tomedes – in the list of top translation companies

Established in 2007, Tomedes now is a global translation company. To cater to the increasing demand for translation, they now have offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Their services include video translation, transcription, and certified translation services which cover an array of different fields including Automotive, healthcare, and gaming.

To deliver high-quality translation with a fast turnaround time, the company combines skilled linguists with computer-assisted translation software.

 7. Translation AZ

Translation AZ is a top-notch translation company whose offices are in the USA and Europe. This company has a competitive advantage in terms of knowledge, technology, and resources. With the help of these resources, Translation AZ can deliver excellent translation services for personal use and business. 

They offer certified translation services in a variety of different fields, including website, technical, legal, medical, corporate translations, and many more. They hire qualified professional translators whose skill set matches the task needs, ensuring that the translations delivered by Translation AZ are consistent and dependable.

8. Trusted Translations

Trusted Translation is a translation company with a lot of experience. They specialize in dealing with high-volume, complex translations. Their main office is in South Florida, with offices across Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

It has a team of professional translators that completes translation projects on time.  It is one of the few translation companies in the world that has given about 500 companies high-quality translation services.

 9. Global Link – among reputable translation companies in the US

Established in 1996, Global Link is a customer-centric translation company. The company headquarter is in Boston, Massachusetts, hence, they fulfill the translation requirements of the USA. It is associated with the U.S. government and is certified by the general service administrator.

Worldwide Link’s translation and localization services are widely used by bootstrappers, entrepreneurs, global enterprises, and government agencies.

Global Link translates the important sensitive data of government agencies on a daily basis. They follow strict quality standards to guarantee that the translation is accurate and meets federal government criteria. Global Link is also certified by the members of the American translator’s association; therefore, if you are seeking reliable translation companies in the U.S., you can opt for Global Link services.

Wrapping Up

There is hot competition in the tourism & hospitality industry in the U.S. where you have to make multilingual translations to customize your products/services for different cultures and ethnicities. To make you stand out from your rivals, you need to rely on professional translation companies. However, there are thousands of translation companies working globally, making it hard for you to decide which company to go for. To make rational decisions, you need to be clear about your business objectives. 

If you are in the U.S., you can take the assistance of any of the above-mentioned translation companies, according to your global business requirement.

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