How to Choose The Best Website Translation Service Provider

How to Choose The Best Website Translation Service Provider

Now is the time to have your website localized from English into another language. It seems very simple at first – pair up with someone, and they’ll take care of everything – but then the question arises: Who are you going to trust? Not only is this a massive task, but it’s also a very vital one.

GTE Localize strongly advises working with a website translation service provider rather than a freelance translator. There is nothing wrong with using translators for individual projects, but working with a website translation service provider will ensure that the translation is of the same high caliber and will encourage you to adopt an inclusive growth mentality.

A website translation service provider will become intimately familiar with your company. By doing this, you can avoid discussing your clients and your company’s demands with each translator that joins the team. You will have a lot less time to spend on administration and project management.

In this post, we’ll examine the key characteristics you should consider when choosing a website translation service provider to partner with.

What to Look for in a Website Translation Service Provider

Do They Have Qualifications?

Since you cannot check their work because it is written in a different language, you must be aware of their procedures and credentials.

No matter the language, trust us when we tell you that you will know when anything is incorrect when irate consumers or potential customers contact you to complain because the messaging on your website was inaccurate.

This will put your brand in that new market’s early grave.

What Qualifications Should You Look for?

Is it truly sufficient if the potential website translation service provider is the leading translation agency in the northeastern part of their city?

You ought to search for an ISO certification. This is the highest certification available for translation services internationally, and it is essentially impenetrable.

It entails having knowledgeable outside auditors check the business’s compliance with its procedures on an annual basis.

Will They Use Subject Matter Experts?

You want a pool of qualified, experienced translators with knowledge of your industry at the website translation service provider.

The translators you choose must be familiar with the specifics, terminology, and jargon of your sector.

If not, there is a chance that your translation will be accurate in theory but inaccurate in practice.

What is Their Quality Assurance (QA) Process? 

They should prioritize discussing this with you first. They ought to establish a procedure whereby they use different translators to review each other’s work twice.

The QA procedure goes back to ISO, it goes back to using SMEs, and it goes back to working with a reputable website translation service provider who has experience both in the traditional translation industry as well as translating websites.

Do They Have Digital Experience?

A website’s workflow differs from translating a legal document or running a marketing campaign in that it involves a different technical team, partners (digital businesses), and procedures.

Your website translation service provider ought to have knowledge of translating for online use and be able to walk you through this particular procedure with their team.

When Are They Available?

There must be a 24/7, multilingual response.

There’s a significant probability that this translation implies you now offer your services internationally, in which case your website translation service provider must be able to respond to inquiries in any language and from any time zone.

Do You Work Well Together?

Are your company’s brands, working methods, values, and employees in harmony? Will it be simple to work with them?

Is this website translation service provider going to help create a frictionless process in terms of working processes, project management, and daily communication, regardless of how adept they may be at translation?

A long-term, simple process should be involved in working with a website translation service provider. They should be able to adapt to your working techniques while yet having their own. The client is you, after all.

Are They Experienced in Localization?

Translation and localization are distinct processes. Being able to adapt to new markets is what localization is all about. A new market doesn’t always have to be a country; it might also be a city, a community, or even a religion within that country.

You must advertise your firm or product, particularly to that market in order to successfully localize.

In one instance, a significant manufacturer of baby food entered a region with a high proportion of illiteracy. The population was accustomed to seeing images of the product on the packaging, therefore companies entering this market understood they needed to adapt their packaging.

Consequently, the translation company, which lacked localization skills, translated every word on the baby food container flawlessly, but they omitted the baby picture.

Sales declined as a result of what shoppers likely believed was in the tin. That is localization, which goes beyond simple translation to include understanding your audience.

Get A Quote for Your Website Translation Project

You can see that there are many things to take into account when selecting the Best Website Translation Service Provider to assist with translating your website. The finest language service provider to assist you with your translation needs should now be much clearer to you.

We’d be happy to talk with you about your translation requirements if you’re thinking of translating your website.

You won’t ever have to worry about your message getting lost as it is translated into several languages and displayed on your website thanks to GTE Localize. We have many years of professional website translation experience, and you know you’re in excellent hands.

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