4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

In the era of development, the service industry is becoming attractive to domestic and foreign investors using hospitality and tourism translation. Travelers all over the world want an enjoyable experience, especially at hotels and restaurants. Because of that, these service areas “sprung up” more and more and the tourism trend increased dramatically.

Specialized translation of hospitality – tourism has also since appeared and become more and more necessary. This job takes on the task of converting restaurant-hotel documents into many different languages. This helps customers get information quickly. Because of that, businesses also receive trust and good impressions from their customers.

With travel agencies looking to attract more and more international customers, the key to their success is not just based on the quality of their destinations and offers. They also need to make their website visible to foreign customers and develop engaging content that showcases their offers and generates sales. To do that, they need to develop a multilingual website and localize all their content. In other words, they need hospitality and tourism translation.

The hospitality and tourism Industries are different

4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

The hospitality and tourism industries are both resort-related service industries. They are closely connected, but there are also some differences you should be aware of. At a basic level, the tourism industry is interested in services to people who have traveled far from their home, for a relatively short period of time.

In contrast, the hotel industry is interested in services related to accommodation and food services. This is about providing services to tourists, but it can also include providing services to non-tourists, such as locals enjoying a weekend getaway or people visiting.

The hospitality and tourism translation services

4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

If we consider examples of less professional translations on the internet, many of them involve texts from the world of tourism and hospitality. It’s not hard to spot serious mistakes in the translation of restaurant menus, posters, or brochures. And why does this happen?

Because companies still have the mistake of thinking that hospitality and tourism translation is easy, and anyone even free machine translation software can help them complete the task. But the fact is that the translation of documents belonging to the tourism sector should be left to specialists.

Goals of translation services for travel and tourism

4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

The number of tourists is increasing day by day and the demand for updating information in their native language is increasing day by day. Customers are tending to choose resort, travel, sightseeing, etc. service providers whose information is conveyed in their own language.

Maintaining the way information is conveyed by traditional methods and in one language seems to have ceased to be effective. As a result, to attract as well as “please” customers, language localization is the key to the success of companies operating in this “smokeless industry”.

Hospitality and Tourism Translation has 2 different goals:

  • Attract international tourists.
  • Make tourists feel welcome upon their arrival.

In fact, nowadays there are quite a few units providing hospitality and tourism translation services, but there are very few companies that are capable of meeting the quality requirements from customers.

Travel agencies must hire translators who specialize in travel, based not only on their translation experience but also on their passion for travel as they hone their skills day in and day out. These professionals use their creative talents, linguistic expertise, and travel insights to create engaging, high-quality content in a regional tone and style, while also giving a range of options to meet a variety of needs.

The economic importance of hospitality and tourism

4-Step Easy Guide to Hospitality and Tourism Translation

The travel and hospitality industry has a huge cultural impact on us. It encourages diversity, raises awareness of both domestic and international societies, and facilitates the exchange of languages, traditions, and products. These activities also have an indirect effect on the economy. The more we travel and explore new markets, the more opportunities we have there.

For example, The US hospitality and tourism industry generated more than $1.6 trillion in economic output in 2017, supporting 7.8 million US jobs. Travel and tourism exports account for 11% of total U.S. exports and nearly a third (32 percent) of total U.S. services exports.

That same year, US tourism output accounted for 2.8% of gross domestic product. Spending by international visitors in the US surpassed $251 billion in 2017, resulting in a $77 billion trade surplus for the year. According to the Commerce Department’s forecast, the US will welcome 95.5 million international visitors annually by 2023 (nearly double the figure in 2000).

With such huge economic importance of the tourism industry, travel companies need to pay more attention to hospitality and tourism translation services. Accurate, professional, and localized translations can improve your international communication.

Your professional hospitality and tourism translation

Hospitality and tourism Translation is a way to promote the explosive growth of other types of tourism: wine, food, hiking, ecotourism and culinary, etc. The tourism sector has a very diverse supply and can be more appealing to foreign audiences than domestic ones.

Companies in this field need to overcome the language barrier by partnering with specialist companies like GTE Localize, with years of experience in helping companies internationalize their products and services. We can help you increase the number of potential customers for your company, improve your image with foreign audiences and provide perfectly translated products in all languages. 

GTE Localize brings you closer to an international audience with excellent hotel and travel translation services. Our team of native translators with a strong background in the travel industry will bring you the best translations for a wide range of documents and materials about hospitality and tourism.

For more information about Hospitality and Tourism Translation, you can contact us today!

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