How Can Tourism Translation Boost Travel and Hospitality

How Can Tourism Translation Boost Travel and Hospitality

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the tourism industry, with countries starting to open up and applying “new normal” rules and regulations. People have waited so long to travel again, and the time to boost their travel experience using tourism translation is now. 

Before COVID, many companies used Google translate or let their multilingual front-desk staff do the job, but it didn’t work in several cases. Santander Tourist Board’s website is a typical illustration of this. The museum name Centro Botín was Google-translated on their website as the Loot Centre, causing controversy globally. 

It is now believed that professional tourism translation is a must to boost travel and hospitality. Why so? Let’s find out how it can be so potential right below!

Ensure That Tourists Understand the COVID Security Policy

These days, making travelers feel secure and at ease is a major issue for the tourism sector, and translation will play a key role. 

To be more specific, companies need to provide clear and accurate information so that visitors comprehend the local procedures such as social distance or facemask wearing. They might also need to know what to do if they have COVID symptoms in a foreign country, which can provide a sense of safety.

Pique Visitors’ Interest in Tourist Attractions

Many travelers are keen on seeing landmarks, avenues, temples, and sites, which are depicted on maps, guide books, and brochures. 

These materials frequently involve historical knowledge or local phrases that the translator must acknowledge in order to present in a language that visitors can comprehend. That’s how a professional tourism translation service is required. You may understand deeply your tourist attraction and even know foreign languages, but when it comes to traveling, cultures play a role. 

It’s necessary to have experts who understand both languages and cultures to translate maps, guide books, and brochures for you. This way, these materials can be utilized to pique visitors’ interest in your tourist attraction. 

Leave a Good Impression Regarding Pricing

It’s critical to acquire your visitors’ trust if you run a resort and also use an online booking system (online travel agent – OTA, Facebook, or website). 

And your company can create a positive impression in travelers’ eyes by giving people the pricing in their own currencies and adjusting to the most frequent form of payment in their nation. To achieve this, you may need not only languages but also knowledge of culture and customs, which a professional tourism translation agency can help. 

Enhance Customers’ Trust by Providing Sufficient and Accurate Legal Information

Many companies focus mostly on translating their About Us or Booking pages since these two sites are most visited and can convert directly. However, post the Covid-19 pandemic, people are becoming more and more cautious when traveling, and they might need a lot more information than just pricing or your company. 

One of the most important factors that visitors want to know is legal information. The more they know, the more secure they might feel.  

This is beneficial to hotel, cruise, airline, and vehicle rental companies, as well as any other e-commerce business. Gaining your consumers’ trust is crucial, just as getting their money. And this trust may also be developed by translating website areas that are frequently overlooked.

Yet, when it comes to legal information, it’s always a better idea to hire a professional translator or tourism translation agency, rather than do it on your own. 

Attract Visitors From Specific Countries

There are several categories of tourists, each with its own set of priorities. Or in other words, although your customers might come from a wide range of nations, there are always some specific ones that you want to focus on. 

Furthermore, every country’s outbound tourism is undoubtedly different from each other’s. If you conduct research, you will be able to determine which nations are more likely to be interested in your culture or location, as well as which material should be prioritized in your international marketing plan. 

Bear in mind that there’s no point in translating your content, email marketing, website, or brochure into all languages. It will be even a waste of time and money. 

However, not every customer can speak English, so you might need to consider using professional tourism translation to attract visitors from certain countries. For example, although a large number of international visitors are Chinese, many of them may hesitate to use English and prefer their mother tongue instead. 

Thus, tourism translation can be an important factor in your marketing strategy. 

Boost Tourists’ Local Food Experience

Terrible menu translation seems not a great deal. 

But if you are working in the hospitality sector when experience is the top priority, you are highly recommended to pay attention to even the finest details. In fact, for travelers, trying the local food is far more than just eating. It’s about looking into the origins and procedures of vineyards in California, a bakery in Sicily, and a brewing company in a Belgian abbey. 

Therefore, using tourism translation and showing your customers historical or fun facts about the local food in their native language will be a great idea! This will not only enhance the experience for your visitors but also bring you a high return. 

Wrap Up

There’s no doubt that translation can help bring visitors’ experience to a whole new level and also benefit companies working in this sector. 

However, it is understandable that this will not be an easy task, requiring both linguistic and cultural experience. If you want to go for quality tourism translation, consider a professional service provider. 

With years of experience, GTE Localize has become an ISO 9001:2015 certified agency and has been voted to be the top translation service company (from Goodfirms reviews). They are confident to provide you with a fast, high-quality tourism translation at the most reasonable cost. 

Find more about GTE Hospitality & Travel Translation Services or leave an inquiry for 1-1 consultancy with their experts!

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