3 Things Travel Companies Need to Know about Tourism Translations

3 Things Travel Companies Need to Know about Tourism Translations

Undeniably, the demand for travel is increasing every year. Many great opportunities are created for tourism businesses using tourism translations.

To stand out in this competitive field, travel companies need to focus on delivering their messages in ways that engage customers. One of the indispensable tools is tourism translations.

With travel agencies looking to attract more and more international customers, the key to their success depends not only on the quality of their destinations and offers. They also need to make their website visible to foreign customers and develop engaging content that showcases their offers and generates sales.

To do that, they need to develop a multilingual website and localize all their content.

Who are your ideal customers?

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Tourism Translations

The website of your business should integrate many different language platforms because the need to book tours on the web is increasingly widespread.

For example, well-known search engines in the US, such as Google and Bing, will rank websites on the first page if those websites are highly relevant to the customer’s language. As a result, the chances of customers finding your business will be higher if your website has pages in the visitor’s language.

Once customers have seen your websites, they will certainly research more about your services. Whether you are a travel agent or a restaurant, translating marketing materials can help attract more tourists. They always tend to choose you as their place to “try before you trust” if they have all the information they need.

Tourism translations will allow tour operators, hotels, travel agents, and other types of businesses to reach a wide range of potential customers around the world.

Commit to creating great content for your tourism translations

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Tourism Translations

There is no denying that the tourism industry is currently being cared for a lot on the Internet. This makes marketing easy with just a few mouse clicks. However, negative reviews can also be a fatal blow for tourist-oriented restaurants or services. Therefore, businesses and organizations need to be careful in translating content to avoid unnecessary situations.

Remember that for most people, a vacation is not a decision made in a short period of time, but one they might mull over for months. Try to bring as many means of social media as possible to help customers connect with the destination on a personal level.

For example, Americans love sightseeing, suburban or rural travel, and shopping. In addition, they also enjoy visiting historical sites, experiencing food, visiting museums displaying art, cultural and ethnic heritage, visiting national parks, and entertainment at nightclubs. Obviously, it will take more than just photos and document translations to attract Americans.

Why do customers choose your company instead of other travel companies that bring the same destination? What are your differences? The great content of your tourism translations will promote your company, destinations, values, products, etc.

Don’t get lost in tourism translations

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Tourism Translations

Traveling in the age of globalization is becoming easier and easier. Tourists can come from all over the world. They love the beautiful scenery as well as the unique culture and cuisine. They bring a rich source of income to the tourism, restaurant, and hotel industries.

Tourism translations help to dissolve language differences. However, it is necessary to notice the specific needs and culture of each market that the tourist industry operates in.

Tourists need regular access to information in their native language. They also need to fully feel the cultural beauty of the tourist destination. Poor translations are often insufficient to meet these requirements.

Most of the time, a translation can only convey the core of a message, but the details and true meaning of anything written in a language will require a suitable translation to get the same meaning. There will always be the temptation to use machine translation because it helps to save time.

However, the accuracy of machine translation at the moment is not completely accurate. The slightest mistake can lead to a huge misunderstanding and very unhappy customers. 

Work with GTE Localize for your tourism translations

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For GTE Localize, “all for customers” is the guiding principle in the company’s activities. When receiving your documents, GTE Localize always ensures that each translation delivered to the customer will be its best version. Coming to GTE Localize, you will receive tourism translation services with the following commitments:

  • The quality of the translation is accurate with the tourism – hotel industry terms used synchronously throughout the translation.
  • We always update a team of translators specializing in tourism – hospitality with extensive knowledge in the field. For that reason, our tourism translation services always bring trust and satisfaction to customers who have been collaborating with us.
  • In addition to the quality and format of the translation, GTE Localize also commits to the correct time to return the translation according to the agreement that the two sides have exchanged when cooperating.

For more information about tourism translation services from GTE Localize, contact our localization experts today!

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