4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

The hotel business is a very developed and fiercely competitive industry. With unique characteristics, the hotel is a seasonal business and always has to update new marketing strategies to increase its competitive advantage over other accommodation service providers.

According to statistics, 57% of all accommodation bookings are made online and of that, 75% of users will only make purchases in their native language. This shows that the opportunity to attract foreign guests to your hotel is huge if you can localize your website for the target markets.

If you translate your hotel website into multiple languages ​​that potential customers can understand, your website will become more approachable and attractive, helping you to achieve a very high number of international bookings.

More specifically, here are the 4 main reasons to translate your hotel website.

1. International guests will boost your business

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 1
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

Every country has different working periods and holidays. In the US, for example, the most popular times to travel are during spring break (March-April depending on the date of Easter) and summer vacation (mid-June to late-August). Hoteliers can easily identify the high and low seasons of domestic customers.

If you only attract domestic customers, then in the low season, your business will be very gloomy because the number of visitors is very small. At this time, accessing the international market is a great solution to ensure a steady flow of visitors and revenue. Translating your hotel website will help you do this, encouraging more and more international customers to stay at your hotel.

2. You’ll be among the top competitors in the hospitality industry

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 2
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

The tourism and hospitality industry is developing increasingly fiercely at a rapid pace. In the United States, the market size of the hotel and motel sector is about 200 million USD per year.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but hoteliers still need to focus on translating their website into the languages ​​of potential markets. If your website is not translated then you will lose a significant amount of revenue because a large number of visitors have come across your website just because it is only available in English.

Even if they go to your website and take the time to try it out, they will be less likely to book because they may find the booking process too complicated and confusing for them.

Statistics also show that potential customers from other countries are willing to pay higher rates at hotels with website content in their native language. This is understandable because, with their native language, they feel more familiar and close, thereby trusting a good experience with your hotel during their stay.

Obviously, a monolingual website will leave you behind in the race with other hotels that focus on multilingual localization of their websites.

3. Translation may bring along SEO benefits

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 3
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

With 57% of all bookings made online, it can be seen that a hotel’s website visibility is crucial to attracting a large number of customers. The best way to achieve this is to make sure your website shows up in the top positions of search results when potential customers are looking for places to stay.

Hotel website translation can boost this SEO campaign through different aspects. The first aspect is keywords, translating keywords into different languages ​​can help improve your rankings for searches in target markets. Another aspect where website translation positively affects SEO is that it creates separate pages for content in different languages.

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 8
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

From there, Google can properly crawl and index your site for a higher position on search engine results pages (SERPs). Having separate websites for each language is much better than piling up content in multiple languages ​​on the same page – this will often be penalized by google.

For a successful multilingual SEO strategy, you will need to optimize for searches after translating your website content. This is quite complicated, so you should consider using a professional hotel website translation service, experts will help you with these issues.

4. Localization can increase conversions

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 4
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

Not everyone realizes that there is a very clear difference between simply translating a website and localizing it. Those in the translation industry will know that localization is an important strategy that takes translation to the next level as it takes into account the cultural factors, intonation, and tastes of the target market. pepper.

Statistics show that up to 87% of travelers searching for a place to stay will book a room on a personalized website. For international customers, this experience must include localization. A translation is simply concerned with the content, while localization will include the conversion of images, display, tone, etc. to make the website suitable for different target markets and help customers feel close, satisfied, and trustworthy.

Given the differences outlined above, you should take care to ensure that the translation of your hotel website includes localization.

Translate your Hotel Website with GTE Localize

4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website 5
4 Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

Customers who don’t speak the language shown on your hotel website will likely skip it and look for another hotel that offers them information in their language. Hopefully, this article has helped you see how important it is to translate your hotel website into multiple languages ​​so you don’t miss out on thousands of potential customers.

By investing a little time and effort into translating your hotel website, you’ll let your guests know that you’re truly dedicated to giving them the best experience. In addition, it shows your level of professionalism and will definitely attract more international guests to your hotel.

Compared to translating the website directly with translation tools, using a hotel website translation service will be an optimal choice to help your website be truly localized. 

With a team of talented, experienced linguists plus a solid background in the travel industry, GTE Glocalize can translate and display your website in multiple languages, bringing your products and services closer to international customers. 

To get more information about the website translation service at GTE, contact our localization experts! You can translate your hotel website with us today.

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