Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide for Your Business (P2)

Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide for Your Business (P2)

Translation for tourism is essential for every business in tourism industry around the world.

The demand for translation is further enhanced when the tourism industry cultivates its online presence. Travelers are used to using the web to discover new destinations, plan, or review trips.

A July 2020 survey showed that searching online was a more popular source of vacation inspiration than talking to friends and family, and three out of four people booked their holidays online rather than going to a traditional travel agency.

After the part 1, in this part 2, we will show you the ultimate guide on translation for tourism.

3. Tips to choose a good tourism translation provider 

Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide 1
Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide for Your Business (P2)

We have seen why a tourist company should translate its content and the challenges that might arise when dealing with translation for tourism. If you’ve chosen to get on board and require a translation agency to help you with this process, there are a few things to consider:

  • Choose an agency with native translators

As mentioned above, one of the main difficulties of tourism translations is that the messages are often informal and tailored to the culture of each nation. Therefore, your translation agency which you trust with your content should have native translators and, ideally, live in their country of origin. 

Being a native speaker means they are experts in the language they are translating into, and living in their home country means they are up to date with the nuances that are always being brought into a language, which may be tough to keep up with if you do not live the language on a daily basis.

  • Your agency for translation for tourism should know about SEO

One of the most compelling reasons to translate your content is the boost it will provide to your website’s SEO. However, simply translating and uploading an article isn’t enough. There must be some behind-the-scenes work done such as keyword research. Also, the content must be produced in an optimized way to rank well in search engines.

In the original language, this can easily be done by the company that creates the content, but in a translated text, it is not simple. It is difficult to know which keyword is the right one when you do not speak a word of the language. As a result, you should seek a translation company that is familiar with SEO and knows how to adapt texts so that they rank properly.

4. Types of tourism documents to be translated

Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide 2
Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide for Your Business (P2)

Different companies will have different needs for translations. However, there are certain types of content that come up again and again, as below:

  • Blogs: In the tourist industry, marketing campaigns are aimed at building a familiar relationship with potential customers, and blogs are an excellent method to reach out to them. Whatever your company sells, a blog with a good content strategy is a unique tool for communicating with customers.
  • Hotel descriptions: For hotels or any other kind of accommodation, if you want to appear on comparison sites such as Booking or TripAdvisor, your presentation must be appealing. Choose a professional tourism translation service that will provide you with error-free translations.
  • Tourism guides: This is the salvation of any traveler. You can translate guides into different languages and assist your customers in learning more about the must-see attractions.
  • Website: The website is your “official face” online, so you’ll need an agency specialized in tourism translations to take charge of the content.
  • Emails: As email is a medium that’s easily segmented, it should not be difficult for you to segment your clients by language. After that, you can send each of your email marketing campaigns in the right language. Segmentation is down to you, but let’s leave the translation to a translation agency.
Translation For Tourism 1
Translation For Tourism: The Complete Guide for Your Business (P2)

Choose outstanding translation for tourism

To create impeccable translations, you need to use a translation agency that specializes in the tourism sector. 

As a professional translation company, we will bring you high-quality translation for tourism at a competitive rate and fast turnaround time:

  • GTE Localize is a professional translation and localization agency that works in all major languages throughout the world.
  • Our 1200+ native linguists have a minimum of 5 years of experience translating in the tourism field and have excellent certifications.
  • As a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality translations that are appropriately adapted to your target audience.
  • We conduct a Quality Assurance round by XBench for any projects. Even if it’s a 50-word-long project, we go through at least two processes (Translating + Editing). For big projects or projects from key clients, we additionally incorporate an internal LQA round by a third linguist.
  • GTE Localize is rated by GoodFirms’ research team as one of the most professional translation services with client reviews.

Get in touch now with our subject-matter experts right now to start your translation project, or to get a free 300-word-long test to know each other more!

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