Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California Specializing in Contract Paperwork & Documentation

Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California Specializing in Contract Paperwork & Documentation

With so many translation service providers in California available out there, it is easy to understand why choosing a reliable one is a difficult task.

California is the world’s renowned IT hub as well as the center of innovations and inventions. Silicon Valley in California is home to world-famous corporations such as Uber, Twitter, Netflix, Apple, and Google. These multinational corporations employ people of different cultures from all over the world. 

In addition, in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento; there are dozens of diverse communities throughout the state.

With the multi-cultural makeup of California, it is no wonder that there’s such a great demand for translation services providers to deal with hundreds of contracts that are processed every day. Translators serve to bridge the language gap between these different groups, allowing everyone to co-exist in a productive manner.

Here we have the 9 top-rated translation service providers in California that you can rely on for your contract paperwork & documentation.

#1 – TransPerfect

Translation Service Providers in California 1
Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

TransPerfect has over 90 offices throughout the world and has been in the localization industry for over 25 years. They offer contract paperwork translation, website localization, multicultural marketing, recruiting and staffing, media solutions, interpretation, and many other services. 

TransPerfect has enlisted the help of linguists and project managers from all across Europe, Asia, and North America to deliver impeccable translation services to their clients. Thanks to extensive expertise and high quality in translation, TransPerfect is one of the top translation services providers in California. 

#2 – GTE Localize – one of the reliable translation service providers in California

GTE Localize is a fast-growing translation and localization company that works in all major languages in the world. Besides providing translations for various fields, they also offer Media Localization, Interpretation, Data Collection, and Annotation. 

GTE Localize was founded in 2017, then has quickly grown from an Asian-language-focused provider to a worldwide one by incorporating innovative translation technology into their workflow and expanding their network to 1200+ native linguists (as of 2021). The tools such as translation management system (TMS), vendor portal (VP), and customer relationship management (CRM) help them improve quality control and production while lowering translation costs for clients.

With the above values along with being a member of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA) and ISO 9001:2015 accredited for Quality Management Systems, GTE Localize is one of the trustworthy translation services providers in California.

#3 – Mars Translation – among translation service providers in California

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

Mars Translation is one of the leading translation companies that employ local translators to provide excellent translation services in a variety of fields. These translators are recruited after a thorough evaluation. They are not only excellent linguists but are also subject matter experts in different fields. 

Depending on your field of contract and specific requirements, they will assign translators whose skillsets are appropriate to perform your project. The company covers over 120 languages and gives quick and accurate results.

#4 – Vanan Online Services

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

Vanan Online Services is an ISO-certified translation company that applies best practices for translating multilingual documents. They employ more than 1000 skilled translators who can provide seamless translation services in a variety of languages. 

Your translation project is assigned to suitable linguists based on the format, choice, and topic of your translation project. Vanan Online Services also use cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality translations in a timely manner.

#5 – CCJK – among translation service providers in California

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

CCJK is a top-rated translation service provider that offers services in a variety of areas, including automotive, finance, tourism, technology, government, manufacturing, telecom, and life sciences. After a thorough evaluation, over 8000 translators are chosen to provide high-quality translation services in over 120 languages with a short turnaround time and low costs.

#6 – Ramas Interpretation

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

Rama Interpretation is a well-managed translation company that has set benchmarks of translation and interpretation in California. It offers a variety of services, which include translation and interpretation solutions in many languages. Their interpreters are subject matter specialists who provide accurate translation and interpretation services to government bodies and courts.

#7 – Ubiqus – in the list of translation service providers in California

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

Ubiqus is a renowned translation company that offers a wide range of services, including translation, interpretation, transcription, online localization, multilingual DTP, audiovisual, and project management in 240 languages. Ubiqus strives to provide seamless translation services that are always delivered on time. The translation project managers are experts in their industries and serve as the client’s point of contact.

#8 – Tomedes 

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Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California

For the past 15 years, Tomedes has provided flawless translation and interpretation services. They offer video translation, transcription, and certified translation services that cover a wide range of different fields, including automotive, healthcare, and gaming.

Thanks to their professionalism, ease of scheduling interpreting and translation projects, and rapid response, Tomedes is one of the perfect choices for your translation project in California.

#9 – Vialan Translation Concepts Inc. 

Vielen Translation Concepts provides quick and accurate translation services to the California target market as well as the global audience. They have the authority to certify the accuracy of all essential translated papers, including marriage certificates and university degrees, as well as legal and economic contracts. 

Translations done by Vialan Translation Concepts are accepted by the US citizenship and immigration services, educational groups, the US passport office, and US authorities, so even though the cost for translation is much higher than many other translation providers, many people prefer to use this company’s services.

Common features of professional translation service providers in California

The above-mentioned translation companies share some common features, which you can rely on to pick a reliable translation companion, just in case you find an attractive one out of the list but you need to make a rational decision. 

  • Owning industry experts: Each specific field has its terminologies, thus having subject matter experts in the translation ensures the terminology is used correctly in the target language. A reliable translation company often works with experts in specific fields such as finance, medical, marketing, or technical translation. 
  • Having professional customer support: You can assess how professional your translation providers are through their response to your inquiries, how they react to your worry about their services, or how fast they reply to your problem. 
  • Receiving positive feedback from previous clients: A reliable company often gets positive feedback from some highly-rated review websites like GoodFirms or You should check them out to see if their previous customers are happy.
Translation Service Providers in California 8
Top 9 Translation Service Providers in California
  • Having localization ability: A good translation needs localization also to be effective and accurate for the target audience/country. Localization requires a translation agency to understand the regulations on particular fields of the contract. Without it, your contract may breach some terms of your target country’s law and make your contract invalid.
  • Providing a fast turnaround time: The delivery time and cost will partly help you estimate how long your translation project will take. Regardless of your translation needs, you should work with translation companies that do their job fast and efficiently. 

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There are plenty of translation provider options for you to choose from, and this process can be overwhelming. However, with the hand-picked list of reliable translation services providers in California above, along with some common features that you can rely on to choose a good companion, you absolutely can do it. 

GTE Localize is recognized by GoodFirms’ research team as one of the most professional translation and localization services with customer reviews.

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