How to Prepare for a Successful Website Translation for Your Restaurant

How to Prepare for a Successful Website Translation for Your Restaurant

It’s a significant project of a restaurant to translate your website into various languages (or even just one) using professional website translation services. We make every effort to make the entire translation procedure as quick and seamless as possible.

However, using a translation-friendly source always makes the process go more efficiently. To prepare for website translation, use these recommended practices.

Design with translation in mind

Website Translation 1
Website Translation

Are you building a new website or updating one that already exists? Use this chance to develop a site that is easy to translate.

Adjust your design: If your website isn’t already adaptable, have it made so that it works well on smartphones. Mobile devices are used primarily in various regions of the globe.

For your content management system, check multilingual plugins (CMS). For example, we utilize WPML (WordPress Multilingual) for our sites.

Leave plenty of white space available for text expansion. The target translation will take up to 30% extra space when translating from English to Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Italian. The target translation uses less space when translating from one of these languages to Chinese or Japanese. These adjustments should be included in your design.

Never add text to an image. To generate translation-friendly content in any medium, use this approach. We’ll have to re-create the picture if we can’t extract the words from it for translation.

Take into account various factors

Website Translation 2
Website Translation

Whether redesigning a site or translating a current site, consider these issues before soliciting quotes for website localization.

Pick material to be translated: What sections of your website do you need to translate? What parts of your website are likely to appeal to visitors from other countries? Will you provide all of your products and services in other areas, or will you start small?

Are foreign language web pages necessary to present job openings, instructions to your business, or often changing news stories? To minimize sticker shock, triage the material before getting pricing for website translation. Starting small with landing pages and microsites is a good idea.

Conduct a cultural analysis: A pre-translation culture assessment can assist you in figuring out if your site will be brutal to localize. Images or colors that are improper or unpleasant to the target culture may appear on the site.

Link sites through a language menu

Website Translation 3
Website Translation

Make it simple for visitors to locate and change language settings. You can use a pull-down menu or a simple list of language links.

Whatever you decide, make a separate language list for each choice. For instance, under the language selection on all site versions, select Spanish using the term “espaol.” Languages should not be indicated with flags. Flags should only be used to identify web pages dedicated to a specific country. You’re indirectly excluding some users of international languages like French, English, and Spanish if you don’t.

Make a strategy for international SEO

Website Translation 4
Website Translation

Plan for core global search engine optimization (SEO), so your customers may find you!  

Please make a list of your objectives: Make it clear whether you want to target people based on their language or location.

Decide on a Website URL: The foreign language sites can be organized as subdomains of your leading site, subdirectories, or independent URLs. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Perform multilingual keyword research: Don’t believe that direct translations of your existing keywords will provide you with the most practical terms in other languages. Conduct research to determine the ideal keywords and phrases for each language’s consumers.

In the html tag of your website, define the language and country. When optimizing for Google, use the hreflang tags in your HTTP header, HTML header, or xml sitemap. Check out local search engines other than Google to index your site, such as Baidu in China or Yandex in Russia.

All appropriate information should be translated: Search engines analyze and utilize every piece of information to analyze your site. Meta page titles, captions, keywords, and picture descriptions and URLs are all included.

Plan off-page SEO by creating a strategy for obtaining backlinks from other sites written in the same language. Join critical local social networks and try requesting press coverage. You will have prepared for pay-per-click ads by conducting keyword analysis.

Arrange for improvements: Without changes and additions, a static site will start to lower in ranks over time. Upgrades to the “flagship” webpage will also necessitate translation. Our experience with localization engineering can assist you in determining the feasibility and cost of keeping localized versions of your site in sync with authoring processes.

Website translation: maximize your ROI

Website Translation 6
Website Translation

It can be hard to translate a website. And getting it wrong can be a complete waste of money. Bringing localization professionals to the planning table alongside your technical and editorial teams, on the other hand, can help with budgeting and cost-cutting. Most crucially, collaborating with a skilled language service provider increases your chances of worldwide success.

Choose the right translation and localization partner

Website Translation 7
Website Translation

GTE Localize has worked on website localization for years as a professional translation company. We will select a team with technical knowledge to work alongside your web developer. We will collaborate to identify the most effective translation approach based on the site’s size, content management system, and other variables.

Contact our website translation experts for a free consultation today!

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